Improving employee financial wellbeing with tech solutions

Make money simple not stressful for your employees through innovative tools like real-time pay tracking, earned wage access, pre-pay savings and 1:1 money coaching.

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Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

Financial stress costs businesses…

7 in 10 1

people experience financial stress regularly

1 in 3

Aussies are unable to access $500 in an emergency

1 in 22

people live pay cheque to pay cheque

Money tools can make a big difference to employee wellbeing and engagement

Track work hours and pay

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grow in real-time, so they can budget confidently and pick up extra shifts when needed.

Access earned wages

Remove the need for employees to borrow and pay interest by providing access to a percentage of earned wages – instantly available.

Learn money tips and tricks

Bite-sized financial education to help employees with money management principles and behavioural barriers that hold people back.

Save before being paid

No temptation to spend and no hassle for employees to set up an automatic savings plan where their savings are transferred before they’re paid

Build healthy money habits

1:1 live chat money coach available to employees 24/7 to work through financial behaviours and setting goals.

How Earnd works

We connect to your payroll and time and attendance systems to provide accurate pay tracking and access to earned wages. It’s seamless to integrate so your business can be up and running in weeks with minimal effort needed from your teams. That’s why Earnd is good for your people and for business.

The results?

27% faster recruitment

26% increase in productivity

16% reduction in turnover

Why choose Earnd?

We are the mission-led responsible experts in financial wellbeing, providing innovative solutions to solve the number one concern of employees in the workplace.  See more about our mission.

See our Financial Inclusion Action Plan

We believe it's important to be accountable in our mission to improve financial wellbeing, that's why we're working with Good Shepherd, the Centre for Social Impact and EY to show the progress we're making.

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Here's what people are saying about Earnd

Full control of my spending

Earnd allows me to stay on top of my finances which allows me to keep my days running smoothly! I have full control over how and when I can spend my earnings, allowing me to manage my finances on a daily basis. I love Earnd and can’t live without it!


Staying on top of my debt

I use Earnd to minimise my debt and help out with my finances. If I didn't have access to Earnd, I would struggle because I get paid fortnightly and I'm not the greatest at budgeting. I'd have to budget well and potentially rely on other people when I fall short. I generally withdraw what is available, when it's available because I have a credit card and want to put money on it to minimise interest.


No more financial stress

Earnd has really helped me out and taken a lot of stress away. I’m in control now and can relax.