Earnd gives your people control over how and when they get paid

Close the gap between earning money and getting paid so your people can manage their pay, their way. Earned wage access means more financial control. It also means healthier and happier teams. That's why Earnd is good for business.

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Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

Take care of your people and your business

7 in 10 1

people experience financial stress at least once a year

1 in 2

people have struggled to meet an expense because it was due before they were paid

19% 2

increase in retention when earned wage access is offered as a benefit

Money tools that make a difference.
For today and for the future.

Keep track of what they earn

We enable your people to keep track of their pay, every day. This gives them complete visibility of their earnings so they're more in control.

Access pay on-demand

We give your people access to their pay as they earn it, so they have the flexibility to choose how and when they get paid.

Build better money habits

We provide behaviourally-informed, actionable insights to help your people adopt money habits that make a difference to their financial lives.

Save for tomorrow

Your people can use their earned wages to set up simple savings habits. With Earnd they can create a financial buffer or save for future goals.

How Earnd works

We connect to your payroll system, so your people can choose how and when they get paid. Earned wage access lets them get ahead by enabling them to fit their income around their lives.

Good for your people

1 in 2 people say their financial situation improved with earned wage access.

Seamless to integrate

We integrate with all major payroll systems to get you up and running within weeks.

No extra work

We do the heavy lifting, so your team doesn't have to. Minimal ongoing support required from your team.

Simple steps to set up earned wage access

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Here's what people are saying about Earnd

Full control of my spending

Earnd allows me to stay on top of my finances which allows me to keep my days running smoothly! I have full control over how and when I can spend my earnings, allowing me to manage my finances on a daily basis. I love Earnd and can’t live without it!


Staying on top of my debt

I use Earnd to minimise my debt and help out with my finances. If I didn't have access to Earnd, I would struggle because I get paid fortnightly and I'm not the greatest at budgeting. I'd have to budget well and potentially rely on other people when I fall short. I generally withdraw what is available, when it's available because I have a credit card and want to put money on it to minimise interest.


No more financial stress

Earnd has really helped me out and taken a lot of stress away. I’m in control now and can relax.


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