Make money simple, not stressful

Track exactly how much you've earned at any point, as well as instantly access up to 50% of your earned pay when you need it.

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Flexibility & Control

Earnd gives me flexibility and control over my money, which is great and not something I've had for a long time.


I'd give Earnd 5/5. I've told a few friends to download too because it's so useful for staff to have. I'm just really grateful that we have this benefit. I've only got positives to say about Earnd.

A weight has been lifted

Earnd makes me feel safe. It's like the burden and weight is off and I don't have to worry and scrimp quite so much.

Peace of mind

Fantastic app and easy to follow steps. Great way to get money quickly when you need it. Extra peace of mind without the extra cost.

True Control

This app means I can be truly in control of my pay rather than waiting a whole month to get the money I worked for. So easy to use too.

A life saver

Earnd gives you the flexibility to spend your income at your discretion. Since you can access your funds daily, there is almost no way that you can be late on a payment.

Awesome app!

This app has saved my life way too many times, it is such a great way to make sure you always on time with bills and if you have something unexpected come up it takes the stress away!

Best app of 2020 for sure

Earnd is literally the best app of 2020 for sure. Thumbs up to the people and management behind this incredible idea and one stop solution for emergency earned money, especially when money is necessary in a pivotal moment. No need to worry as long as Earnd is there.

Fantastic app

Fantastic app, I managed to get paid my wages early with no issues.

Take power over your pay

Keep track of your earnings

Get complete visibility of what you've earned, with your earnings updating in real-time. Knowing exactly what you've earned makes budgeting for the future easier.

Access your pay when you need it

Instantly access your pay when you need it, as you earn it, to cover unexpected costs without having to borrow and pay interest. No fees, no charges - it's control that won't set you back.

Build better money habits

Use actionable tips and tricks to make the most of your pay. We've done the research and spoken to experts so we can give you bite-sized insights to help you achieve your goals.


How do I sign up for Earnd?

Download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and follow the simple steps to register.

How much can I withdraw?

You can withdraw up to 50% of your pay through Earnd.

How does Earnd get repaid?

Earnd integrates with payroll and withdrawals are deducted automatically from your pay cheque before it's paid to you.

Why am I getting this invite?

We know life is increasingly flexible and on demand, now your pay can be too. Whether it's to cover an unexpected bill or budgeting in a way that suits you, your employer is providing Earnd to give you power over your pay.