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A dream for managing my money
Earnd helps me to stay on top of my finances which allows me to keep my days running smoothly! I have full control over how and when I can spend my money which has been a dream for managing finances. Love Earnd and can’t live without it!

Roger, TSA Group employee


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Money tools that make life easy

Track work hours and pay

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grow in real-time, so they can budget confidently and pick up extra shifts when needed.

Access earned wages

Remove the need for employees to borrow and pay interest by providing access to a percentage of earned wages – instantly available.

Learn money tips and tricks

Bite-sized financial education to help employees with money management principles and behavioural barriers that hold people back.

Save before being paid

No temptation to spend and no hassle for employees to set up an automatic savings plan where their savings are transferred before they’re paid.

Earned wage access makes managing your money simple

Bills and payments

Cover bills without being charged late fees or taking a hit to your credit score.

Everyday expenses

Choose when and how you get paid. Build your budget around your life, not when you get paid.

Unexpected costs

Take care of unexpected costs without having to borrow and avoid late fees and interest.

Pay down debt

Start making repayments straight away so you can reduce interest charges.

Deals and discounts

Don’t miss out on time sensitive discounts that could save you in the long run.


Earn interest on savings and make the most of investment opportunities when they come up.

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