How Earnd works

Track, Access, Save and Learn are money tools that work — so your people can live their lives without financial stress.

Money tools that make a difference

Managing money can be hard. And we're here to help.

Keep track of what they earn

Earnd lets your people keep track of their pay, every day. This gives them visibility over their earnings to stay on top and feel in control.

Access pay on-demand

Earnd gives your people early access to their pay, so they can choose how and when they get paid. This means they can build their budget around their lives, save straight away and pay down debt.

Build better money habits

Earnd takes the jargon out of financial education with behaviourally-informed, actionable insights designed to help your people adopt money habits that make a difference.

Save for tomorrow

Your people can use their earned wage access to set up simple savings habits. With Earnd, they can create a financial buffer or save for future goals.

Access earned wages today. Innovation for the future.

Good for your people. Great for your business. Investing in the financial health of your people is an investment in the financial health of your future business.

Simple for you

Simple integration. Easy to use. Minimal ongoing work for your teams.

Good for your people

1 in 2 people say their financial situation improved with earned wage access.

Great for business

Proven to boost morale and focus as well as reduce employee turnover.

Simple integration. Dedicated support.

Making things straightforward is important to us. We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Easy technical integration

We integrate with all major payroll and time and attendance systems. This means minimal work is required from your technical, HR and payroll teams.

A dedicated integration engineer

Minimal ongoing work

Dedicated customer success team

We work with you to launch Earnd because we know your people will love it. We help communicate how Earnd can help people live free from financial stress.

An onboarding manager focused on meeting your needs

Customised communication packs and launch materials

Ongoing support whenever you need it, plus regular reporting

We're there to support your people

Our team are always ready to help and answer questions. We work to resolve issues quickly and easily.

Live chat support available 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday

FAQs, guidance and in-app video tutorials

HR reporting dashboard

Focused on making an impact

We're here to help employees and businesses achieve their goals.

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Financial security is more than an employee benefit

Give your people control over one of the most stressful aspects of their lives - their finances.

Financial inclusivity is a really important part of TSA Group's overall approach to diversity, inclusion and engagement. We’re delighted to partner with Earnd to provide our team members with flexible, earned wage access. Even the most careful budgeters among us know the feeling of struggling to make ends meet when unexpected expenses arise. Earnd helps to alleviate that stress in a positive and responsible way.

Zahra Peggs
Group Executive, People & Corporate Affairs at TSA Group - Australia

Earnd is TSA’s most popular benefit ever

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