Our mission: Make money
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Earnd is the leading mission-driven fintech and our focus is improving financial wellbeing for Aussie employees.

Our social charter

At the heart of Earnd is our social charter – everything we do and every product we create is designed to improve the financial wellbeing of people in work.

It’s this mission and common vision that won the support of our founding backers Joseph Rowntree, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Big Society Capital. And it’s a mission that will continue to guide our company in the future.

Our aims

No one should have to pay unnecessary interest on high-cost credit

Everyone should have savings for a rainy day

All financial goals should be achievable

Our tools to build financial wellbeing

Track work hours and pay

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grow in real-time, so they can budget confidently and pick up extra shifts when needed.

Access earned wages

Remove the need for employees to borrow and pay interest by providing access to a percentage of earned wages – instantly available.

Learn money tips and tricks

Bite-sized financial education to help employees with money management principles and behavioural barriers that hold people back.

Save before being paid

No temptation to spend and no hassle for employees to set up an automatic savings plan where their savings are transferred before they’re paid.

Build healthy money habits

1:1 live chat money coach available to employees 24/7 to work through financial behaviours and setting goals.

Our funding charity partners

Earnd is a member of the Financial Inclusion Action Plan and backed by leading investors and financial charities. More than 200 companies and their 750,000 employees have joined our mission so far.

See our Financial Inclusion Action Plan

We believe it's important to be accountable in our mission to improve financial wellbeing, that's why we're working with Good Shepherd, the Centre for Social Impact and EY to show the progress we're making.

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