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Advisory Board appointed to help further our mission

A new Advisory Board will be assisting Earnd in helping people take control of their finances.

We’re excited to announce that a new expert Advisory Board will be assisting us in helping workers better budget to take greater control of their finances.  

At a time when so many employees are feeling financial pressure and the incomes of businesses are impacted, on-demand pay is a simple and effective way to help people manage their money and cover unexpected costs without having to rely on expensive debt.

“We founded Earnd with the simple belief that providing people with flexibility in accessing their pay would fundamentally change their relationship with their finances for the better. Just as the world of work is evolving, so should the choices we give people in how to access the money they’ve already earned,” said Josh Vernon, Founder and CEO of Earnd.

“The appointment of our Advisory Board marks an important step in our journey to rewriting the rules of pay across the UK and the rest of the world in an effort to improve financial wellbeing.”

The Advisory Board’s role will be to ensure we stay true to our mission and also identify opportunities for us to have an even greater impact.

What will the Advisory Board do? 

They’ll meet quarterly and advise Earnd on an independent basis. It will be chaired by Stephen Greene, CBE, CEO of RockCorps, a veteran of social enterprise.

“We will help drive Earnd’s mission to change the way people are paid and help them better plan and manage their finances,” said Stephen Greene. “We look forward to bringing together this broad range of expertise which underlines our commitment to social justice and financial inclusion.”

The other members of the Advisory Board are:

  • Dame Louise Casey (independent advisor for social policy, Visiting Professor at King’s College London and Chair of the Institute for Global Homelessness)
  • Lord David Blunkett (held roles in Tony Blair’s cabinet from 1997, including Work and Pensions Secretary, Education and Employment Secretary, and Home Secretary)
  • Stephen Bediako (a social entrepreneur who designs and delivers programmes that drive purpose and profit, primarily around the future of work)
  • Mat Ilic (Chief Development Officer at Catch22, a not-for-profit organisation)
  • Ruth Turner (Senior Director at The Forward Institute).

With such significant sector expertise and commitment to social justice and financial inclusion, the Advisory Board will ensure Earnd delivers the greatest impact for workers – especially those on lower incomes.

Is now the right time for your business to get involved?

Now could be the perfect time to make a change. Recent research from EY found that 8 in 10 employees would use on-demand pay if it was offered. And it’s not just good for employees, EY estimates that financial stress costs UK businesses £30bn a year through increased turnover and absenteeism, as well as higher levels of distraction.

“The current system means too many workers and their families suffer financial hardship in between paydays. Many employers also lose out when employees are off sick with the stress caused by this burden,” said Lord David Blunkett. “On-demand pay can be the solution and given the vast changes we have seen in the world of work its time has come.” 

Is your business ready to take the next step and revolutionise the way people are paid?

Get in touch today to get started.

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