Control when and how you get paid

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust has partnered with Earnd to give you access to your pay as you earn it – for free. Earnd is an employee benefit designed to help you take control of your finances.

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More control, less stress

It gives me more control over my money and stops me worrying about money towards the end of the month.

Staff Member, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Only positives

I'd give Earnd 5/5. I've told a few friends to download too because it's so useful for staff to have. I'm just really grateful that the Trust have given us this benefit. I've only got positives to say about Earnd.

Staff Member, Newcastle Hospitals

So good to have!

It’s been so good to have! If I didn’t have Earnd I'd have had to put all my house moving costs on my credit card which I hate doing, as it makes me really anxious and worried about the interest rates.

Staff Member, George Eliot NHS Hospital

Peace of mind

Fantastic app and easy to follow steps. Free for employees - what's not to like about it? Great way to get money quickly when you need it. Extra peace of mind without the extra cost.

Austin, App Store

True Control

This app means I can be truly in control of my pay rather than waiting a whole month to get the money I worked for. So easy to use too.

ClaireP, App Store

A life saver

Earnd gives you the flexibility to spend your income at your discretion. Since you can access your funds daily, there is almost no way that you can be late on a payment.

Rob, App Store

Awesome app!

This app has saved my life way to many times, it is such a great way to make sure you always on time with bills and if you have something unexpected come up it takes the stress away!

Jake from Glue, App Store

No fees

Get my salary instantly with no fees - simply deducted from your next salary.

Bat0u89, Play Store

Fantastic app

Fantastic app, I managed to get paid my wages early with no issues.

Tom Franklin, Play Store.

Best app of 2020 for sure

Earnd is literally the best app of 2020 for sure. Thumbs up to the people and management behind this incredible idea and one stop solution for emergency earned money, especially when money is necessary in a pivotal moment. No need to worry as long as Earnd is there.

Tomal Barai, Play Store

Astounded this exists!

This app is an absolute g*dsend. I’m able to withdraw my pay early with no fees. Honestly surprised this is even able to exist!!

Benny, App Store

I love this.

I love this. Thank you so much, it has really helped me in that last week of the month!

Lianne Butler, App Store

How it works

Keep track of your earnings

Know how much you've got coming in to help you budget, plan and save. Take the guesswork out of your finances.

Access your on-demand pay

Don’t stress out waiting to be paid. Access your pay when it suits you, so you can align your income and spending, as well as cover unexpected bills.

Build better money habits

Money can be complicated. Our actionable insights are designed to help you navigate your finances now and in the future - without all the jargon.

Free for employees. Forever.

Partnering with your employer means we'll never charge you interest or fees. Your employer covers the cost because you shouldn't have to.

On-demand pay takes the hard work out of managing your money

Unexpected costs

Handle unexpected costs when they crop up. No interest charged. No stress.

Everyday expenses

Choose how and when you get paid. Build your budget around your life, not when you get paid.

Bills and payments

Pay bills straight away so you don’t have to worry about late fees or taking a hit to your credit score.


How do I sign up for Earnd?

Simply download the Earnd app, tap Sign Up, and enter the details that match what North Mid has on file. Make sure you use your assignment ID, not your payroll number. You can find your assignment ID on your payslip or in ESR.

How much can I withdraw?

You can withdraw up to 30% of your pay through Earnd.

Earnd integrates with payroll and withdrawals are deducted automatically from your paycheck before it is paid to you.

Is Earnd really free?

Earnd doesn’t believe in charging users to access their own earnings or in charging the NHS and other public services. Our costs are offset by private companies who pay a small fee to offer Earnd as an employee benefit.

Why am I getting this invite?

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust cares about your financial wellbeing and provides Earnd as an employee benefit so you can access your pay when you need it most.