Available balance updated daily so workers have an up-to-date view of their financial situation at all times.

Budget better

A clear picture of how much is being earned every day so that earning and spending can be better matched.

Peace of mind

Knowing exactly how much is available can reduce stress by establishing a safety net of money that's instantly available.

No more guesswork

For workers whose income changes month to month, there’s no more guessing how much will land in their bank account when they’re paid.

Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

How Track helps financial wellbeing

Match earning and spending

Tracking daily pay helps workers to better match their spending and earning. If their spending is close to (or exceeding) the amount that’s being earned daily, then it’s a clear indication that something has to change and action can be taken well before they’re paid.

No more guessing for shift workers

Many shift workers don’t know how much they'll be paid until they’re paid. Staff who pick up extra shifts are able to see and access the money they earn from those shifts almost straight away. Getting more immediate value from work can lead to higher shift take up.

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