Solve the #1 employee concern — financial stress

3 in 41
people prefer to work for a company that invests in their financial wellbeing
reduction in employee turnover when earned waged access is offered as a company benefit
1 in 23
people would be more productive and engaged if their company offered earned wage access
For employees

Choose how and when you get paid. Control, resilience and security.


Keep track of your earnings

Control. Know how much money you've got coming in to help you budget, plan and save. Take the guesswork out of managing money.

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Access your on-demand pay

Resilience. Bills happen whether you want them to or not — whether it's a surprise car repair or a larger than expected electricity bill. Access your on-demand pay so you don't have to borrow.

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Build better money habits

Security. Money can be complicated. Our behaviourally-informed actionable insights are designed to help you navigate your finances now and in the future — without all the jargon.

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Results for employees

Give your organisation a voice around financial wellbeing with Learn.

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The facts

Earnd is an employee benefit that resonates

50% 4

employee uptake among addressable population

4 in 5 5

employees say Earnd has had a positive impact on their finances

2 in 3 6

employees use Earnd at least once a fortnight to help meet their expenses


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For employers

Investing in your people. An investment in your business.


Address the #1 employee concern in the workplace — financial stress.


There's a proven increase in retention when an employer offers earned wage access.


Lift morale and decrease absenteeism by focusing on financial wellbeing.

Financial inclusion

Retain a diverse workforce by supporting employees in all financial situations.

Talent acquisition

Attract the best talent by providing an innovative employee benefit.

Fill shifts

Boost shift take-up by giving your people instant access to earnings.

Trusted by leading companies. Loved by employees.

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