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Choose when and how you get paid with on-demand pay. No fees. No interest. No catch.

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Join the 130,000+ employees who have access to on-demand pay through Earnd.

It’s your money. You’ve Earnd it.

Isn't it ridiculous that you have to wait weeks to get paid for work you’ve already done?

Life makes more sense when your pay fits with your life. Control over when and how you get paid means more financial freedom and less financial stress.

Ask your company for Earnd
How Earnd works

We work with your employer, that's why we’re free to you.

What's more ridiculous than waiting weeks to get paid is being charged to access your pay. Earnd is the only on-demand pay app that’s free to employees.

Absolutely no fees or interest. It absolutely makes sense.


See your earnings go up every day so you can better match your pay with your goals - and pick up an extra shift if needed.


Budget your way by accessing your pay whenever you need it. Pay bills on time, cover unexpected costs, save and pay debts sooner.


Build better money habits with our actionable insights to help you spend, save, pay down debt and plan for the future.

It’s not rocket science - it’s just a better way to get paid.

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With Earnd, life is simpler
because it makes everyday expenses easy.

Bills and rent

Rent due before payday? Water bill due mid-month? Access your pay when you need it and cover bills on time.

Everyday expenses

Buy groceries at the start of the week but get paid at the end? Use Earnd to pay for groceries on Monday.

Unexpected costs

Unexpected expenses from time to time? Have peace of mind knowing your pay is there for you.

Pay down debt

Make your debt repayments early and reduce the interest you're charged.

Deals and discounts

Make your money go further by booking your flight that's just gone on sale or a discount on your advanced movie ticket.


Make your money work for you. Earn interest on savings or make the most of investment opportunities.

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